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Hello! I'm Jenny. Some know me as the Doctor's daughter. I was a child of the machine but the Doctor showed me I could be more than just a soldier. Now I travel through time and space, just like my dad! I hope I can find him one day.
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I’ve officially moved Jenny to the retired muses account.

I’ve decided that since I always regret deleting accounts, I will just make one account to hold onto them should I ever decide to bring them out. It’s just that I’ve had such a lack of activity here that I’ve just not seen a point in keeping her on my active blog. So yes, that means Jenny is most likely on hiatus. In the meantime, I will still be actively RPing on my main blog, whats-the-poop if you want to find me. For now, Jenny will be here, waiting to be used again.

Guys. Should I keep this blog? I haven’t really been doing much with it so I don’t see the point leaving it here… I probably won’t be deleting it but moving it to my retired muses account. (I’m going to make one of those because I always regret deleting blogs but just putting them away might be okay…)

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48: Assassin!AU

49: Genderbending!AU

50: Wedding!AU

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Jenny glanced back at her ship, making sure it was hidden before turning to walk down the street. She had been wandering aimlessly for the past few days, changing locations every other day or so to stay unnoticed. She loved it though, the wandering. The way she could go wherever she wanted and the things she saw when she did. Her eyes wandered the street she was walking, losing track of where she was walking and bumping into someone.

"Oh! Sorry!" she exclaimed, looking at the man. "I wasn’t really looking where I was going."

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